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Soot Free Combustion

If you are looking for combined heat and power for your energy recovery, we are proud to present a new gasifier which has been proven over many years by supplying energy and heat to an Industrial estate and housing in Svenljunga, this is fulfilling our vision of a sustainable environment.

SFC – Soot Free Combustion is a co-current fixed bed gasifier that can gasify biofuels and biomass of any kind. It not only provides better combustion, it is also much more fuel flexible than conventional boilers and can handle even the toughest of biofuels. It is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 25 MWth.

We give you expert advise

There are currently many different opinions as to the best method of energy recovery and the most cost efficient financial model. At IQR we are able to give you expert advise based on our many years of experience in this growing sector. Whether it is Renewable obligation Certificates (ROC), Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Waste to Energy (WTE) or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) We understand the processes and the financial planning that is required to give you a valuable return on your investment.