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Frequently asked questions

Hi, can your gasfier burn coconut shells?
Answer: Please see point nr.8 in the “typical biofuels” section.

I was wondering if you can turn your gasifier off at night and come back the next day to run again?
Answer: No, this is not to recommend. It takes quite a long time to close down (about 24 hours) because of the amount of wooden fuel in the chamber at any given time. This way of operating would also cause unnecessary wear on the refractory which likes a steady temperature. We take pride in NOT having to shut down, instead you can run at 10% of the maximum during the period you are not in need of so much power. In a very short amount of time you speed up the fans an go full throttle again. That is a better way, we think.

Hello Mr, can the gas generated by your gasifier run a Jenbacher engine or similar.
Answer: Hi, Jenbacher is a very good quality engine, we believe. It would most probably be possible, however the wooden fuel would have to be very dry and Jenbacher themselves put up very high demands on the gas, when we ask them. To be honest, this is not tested. We have a relatively low amount of tars but a low calorific gas. It would run an old type gas-engine but the process would not be very effective, we believe.

How many MW electricity can you produce with your system?
Answer: Our gasifyer has only one impact on this – the efficiency. We run at 91-92% efficiency due to low unburnt in ash, low O2 and good boiler systems. This of course takes out more energy from every kilogram of your product (depending on what system you compare to). In theory we could have an advantage by being able to run on higher temperature/pressure steam boilers. This is most likely true due to the lower amounts of fly ash and high melting point of the fly ash. In normal systems we are at about 20% electricity but it could go as high as about +30% – this depends on boiler system and turbine system. Instead think of it like this; with the SFC you can produce electricity at far lower thermal outputs, thus enabling less waste heat during times of lower heat demand. Again, it depends on many factors, but the environment likes low load capability.

What are the largest gasifyers you build?
Answer: Depending on the wooden fuel you put in (its energy content) we build gasifiers in the range of about 3 – 15 MWthermal. Having the information from the previous question fresh in mind this corresponds to about 1 – 3 MWelectricity. This is because in the lower range you most probably do not buy high pressure steam boilers.

How many tons of wood can I burn in your system in one year?
Answer: This is a question that again depends on the fuel and, of course, the amount of hours you plan on running every year and on what load. To give an example:
If you plan to burn a fuel with an energy content of 3 MWh/ton and your system is a 12 MW plant, then you would have to burn 4 tons/hour if you plan to go full throttle. So, if you plan on doing this for 8000 hours a year, the theoretical maximum amount of wood you can burn in that year is about 4 x 8000 = 32.000 tons. In reality however you “always” have periods with lower loads, especially if you cannot use the heat.