Gasification of wooden biomass

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Our combustion chamber is called the SFC-unit (Soot Free Combustion). It can be called this because of the physics behind the two separate and well defined stages, gasification and combustion. As in all combustion you need gasification before ignition. In order to use the advantages the separation of these two can mean we have developed a burner in which the gas can be ignited in a controlled fashion, rather than as typically in a relatively uncontrolled fashion. In short we now have better fuel flexibility, larger load regulation capability and better combustion.

For us it is important to find environmentally friendly ways to derive energy from waste materials. Our combustion technology does what every heating plant wish for. We keep high efficiency, high fuel flexibility and the best combustion available in the marketplace. Our patented burner technology, in combination with our own gasification system makes energy recovery from wooden fuels a simple task.

The technology – woodwaste gasification (3 – 15 MWth)

A dense description of the fundamental principle behind the SFC gasifier
Our patented burner allows for combustion of wood which is classified as hazardous waste. It can handle wooden biofuels that other furnaces have difficulties with. We delivery furnaces/gasifiers in the sizes ranging from about 3 – 15 MWth.

Burning technology

As described in the section “Gasification of wooden biomass” we separate gasification and combustion in our system.
By using this technique the amount of produced gas can easily be adjusted by adjusting the infusion of process air under the fuel bed. By doing so, the amount of extracted energy can quickly be raised or lowered without changing the fuel bed level, which is always constant.

How it works