Low Life cycle costs

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SFC Plant – Soot Free Combustion combined with steamboiler

Why choose Soot Free Combustion?

If you want fast load regulation, good fuel flexibility, a fuelchamber more or less insensitive to level of moisture content, low emissions through efficient burning there is simply no easier way than through the IQR SFC, two stage combustion unit.

Fast load regulation

Many plants have problems when the energy demand changes rapidly. Switching over traditional boilers from full power to low power, or vice versa, takes a long time and creates problems with poor emission performance. The SFC unit can in less than a minute go from high to low power and maintain excellent emission characteristics.

Fuel flexibility

The SFC unit is extremely flexible regarding fuel composition. Where other boilers and incinerators demand clean, dry wood chips or pellets, free from contaminations, the SFC unit can be stoked with numerous kinds of biofuels. It even allows the fuel to have moisture content of up to 60 %, no pre-drying needed.

Typical biofuels for the SFC unit are:
1. Recycled wood
2. Crushed waste wood
3. Crushed impregnated (e.g. CCA or creosote) wood
4. Crushed forest waste
5. Pellets
6. Coal
7. Peat
8. There is most probably not a problem to burn other biofuels however this is not tested. A frequently asked question is if it is possible to burn nutshells (typically from coconut, almonds or olivestones. When asking us about the possibility to burn/gasify these products you need to have the melting-points of the ash ready for us.

Low load operation

Most incineration plants today cannot operate any lower than at a 25-30 % of maximum load. That implies that the plants have to be turned on and off when the energy demand is lower than the plants lowest load capacity. This procedure causes problems such as increased wear, bad emissions, energy losses, extra work, start-up related problems, etc.
The SFC unit can operate as low as at a 10 % load, while keeping a steady gasification and combustion, as well as maintaining very low emissions. The gasifier does not have to be powered down due to a decreasing energy demand. Therefore it can maintain a smooth operation, without all of the negative consequences of having to power it down.

Emissions and ash

The SFC unit has the best emissions in its class. NOx emissions are kept very low and the good combustion, enabled through our patented burner, keeps CO at zero. The quality of the ash is extremely good and show very low remains of unburned fuel.