IQR FlexHammerTM – Applications – What can it crush?

A high/medium speed hammermill such as the FlexHammerTM is crushing/tearing with hammers, but also cutting over the anvils. This is unique for this type of hammermill, that it crushes, tears and cuts, making it possible to handle many different materials. Thus the name: FlexHammerTM. It effectively splits materials into smaller pieces and generally around 0 – 100mm.

The common denominator in the below list of suitable materials for a FlexHammerTM is that the waste materials are demanding, often with high metal content. The FlexHammerTM is a high capacity machine in breakable materials but also in other types of materials.

The below is only examples of waste that the FlexHammerTM can handle. Should your specific waste not be in the list – please do not hesitate to contact us anyway.

  • Recycled wood, most commonly to 60 – 100 mm but also below 40mm and smaller. Customer choice.
  • Industrial waste – usually a mix of paper, wood and plastic plus all in between (materials that could have been recycled often)
  • Household waste (the plastic-paper-metal/food-mix that was not bound for methane-gas generation)
  • Crushing of PVC, plastic windows with high metal content.
  • Cleaning of waste contaminated metal scrap from pre-breakers
  • Railway sleepers, in large quantities
  • Battery pulverizing – to collect recyclable metals
  • The list can continue….

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