Combustion technology

Combustion technology 2016-05-11T18:20:37+00:00

A dense descpription of the fundamental principle behind the SFC gasifier:

biomass gasification.

Burning technology

When burning solid and liquid fuels, the processes always consists of two steps:

1. Gasification of the fuel

2. Combustion of the gas

When, for instance, burning wood in a fire place, the gas instantly ignites after the fuel gasifies. Therefore it is hard to see the produced gas. But if the air infusion can be regulated, the fuel can gasify without instant combustion. Thereby gasification and combustion are separated, making it possible for the produced gas to be separated from the solid fuel before it is combusted.

Gasification technology

There are several techniques to gasify biofuels. But the basic processes behind the different technologies are few. The technique we at IQR use is called co-current fixed bed gasification. The technique implies that the combustion air is added where the coldest fuel is situated (bottom of fuel bed), and the produced gas leaves the fuel bed from its hottest point (top of fuel bed). This gas is in our case created to be combusted by adding more air (e.g. in an incineration plant).

By using this technique the amount of produced gas can easily be adjusted by adjusting the the infusion of process air under the fuel bed. By doing so, the amount of extracted energy can quickly be raised or lowered without changing the fuel bed level.

See how IQR translate this gasification technology in our Soot Free Combustion unit. The product.