IQR FlexHammer 2400 Borås avfallsanläggning

FlexHammer™ Mill

FlexHammer™ Mill is our unique hammer mill which is integrated in all our machines, mobile or stationary.

FlexHammer™ Stationary Crusher

IQR manufactures powerful electrically powered stationary crushing plants for all kinds of material in energy recycling down to about 30 mm fraction.

Mobilt krossverk FH1500 matas med träavfall.

FlexHammer™ 1500 Mobile Crusher

The efficient mobile crusher optimized for the lowest possible fuel consumption at the highest possible capacity.

IQR FH1800 Crawler med öppen kvarn

FlexHammer™ 1800 Mobile Crusher

FH1800 Crawler is the markets most powerful mobile crusher. It’s reliable, crushes the toughest materials and is very easy to use.

Elme – Metal Separation

Equipment for metal separation since 1955. We also manufacture aluminum separators in many different sizes, always custom-made to the clients requirements.


Slow speed shredders designed to process highly contaminated waste materials.