SID – slowspeed machines (hookshredders, rotary shears) – Applications – What can it crush?

A slowspeed machine is either tearing (hookshredder) or in combination tearing/cutting (rotary shear). A hookshredder (in comparison with a rotary shear) can be used on many breakable materials (or materials that can be torn apart) with the difference that it won’t do the 0 -100 mm without recirculation of oversize. Instead one can use a rotary shear if the material is such that a hammermill won’t do the job.

The common denominator for the material going to be treated by a rotaryshear is that it needs to be treated by cutting (such as carpet/cloth rolls/plastic rolls etc.). It is also contaminated with metals etc., something which the rotary shear is not afraid of. The material can be made to small size.

The common denominator for the material going to be treated by a hookshredder is that the material needs preparation for further processing (in many cases). Breakable materials or materials that can be torn apart by great force is broken down to about (0)100 – 500 mm. This material then makes it easier for a hammermill or other type of cutting machine to do the rest of the job in an easier way.

There are also cutting-edge machines derived/designed from the lathe. These machines can be used to cut waste, which is more or less free from contaminants, into the desired size. They are slower in speed than a hammermill (about 100-140rpm) and use sharp edges to cut the waste to the desired size.