Well known for it’s unbeaten capacity and flexibility.

FH1500 Mobile advantages:

  • Powerful
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to transport on the road
  • Easy to move on site
  • FlexReject™ protects the hammer mill from damaging on uncrushable materials

Multi purpose heavy duty hammer mill

The FH1500 Mobile Unit is a well known all purpose, heavy duty, high capacity hammer mill of industrial quality standard.

Finished products:

The finished products are being used as fuel for energy production or for compost or just for volume reduction.

The hammer mill’s design allows for a large variety of  the finished products’ particle size. Typical finished products are e.g. between 0-50, 0-100 and 0-250 mm.

The hammer mill has a mechanical safety device in form of a reject door which opens in case of pressure from uncrushable objects. Stones will be crushed.

IQR Rejektlucka

This is a safety device which protects the mill from damage and stoppages if any uncrushable material is fed in by mistake.


FH 1500 Mobile
Dimensions transport L/W/H: 12,40 (11,5 King-pin) /2,55 / 4,30 m
Total weight: ~35 tons.
Feed opening dimensions, width / height: 1,5 m / 0,8 m
Feedroller diameter: 0,8 m
Feeder: 4,5 / 1,5 (6m3)
Rotor weight: ~4 tons
No. of hammers / Weight of hammer: 40 pcs / 11kg
Rotor diameter / tip to tip: 1200 mm
Rotor speed: ~880 rpm
Engine: Scania DC16 Stage 5
Enginepower: 670 – 770hp
Magnet type: Elme permanent cross belt magnet
Endmagnet in drivedrum: Yes
Discharge belt width: 1,2 m
Discharge belt – dropping height: 4,5 m

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