Our machines are designed and manufactured ”in house” at our factories in Sweden.

The machines are crushers with robust mills that handle used industrial materials, mainly to produce RDF or other fuels from waste. We know about high volume high throughput, doing the job as quickly as possible whilst maintaining quality.

We have highly sophisticated test plants and we are able to constantly develop and evaluate the most cost effective solutions to waste processing thus driving down production costs.

This experience and knowledge provides us with the expertise to build leading fragmentation machines. Fuel preparation has been an IQR’s flagship for many years, and has made us one of the leading specialists within the Waste Processing & Recycling industries

High requirements

Due to our high quality standards we produce most core details in Sweden, in our own workshop ( This is mainly for control purpuses. We proud ourselves amongst other things in our crushers built for high capacity, low life cycle costs but most of all longevity and quality output. Whether you need to crush raw waste such as C&I, C&D, A, B, C or even D-grade wood (Europe) the FlexHammer™ is for you.

You can read more about our history at This is IQR but we take pride in being able to tell our customers that we are specialists. For many years we were contractors/entrepreneurs doing exactly what many of our customers do today. Size reducing waste materials or preparing different waste types for incineration. Read more about where you can find our applications at “IQR FlexHammer™ – Product applications”.