Waste to Energy in focus

At IQR we have two development centres that serves as our own research facilities. The sites enables us to keep track of and improve important parameters in a waste processing plant – keeping us one step ahead at all times. Among other things we try more efficient electric motors, wear parts and plant set-ups. By doing this we keep a constant development and are able to reduce your cost per ton.

In Swedens waste processing plants recycling of waste is mostly focused on the energy recycling rather than on the material recycling. Because most of the valuables are separated by companies and consumers before their waste is thrown away, what is left is Energy. However we always strive to become better and better with regards to material recycling, taking it further all the time. In the WtE Plants where IQR provides the machines we focus on what the customer values as quality – be it 30mm or 300mm, with or without fine fraction, separated or not separated heavy fraction etc.

Crushers, hook shredders, screening and equipment for metall separation

With our development centers we have the ability to continually develop the most cost effective solutions for fuel preparations from waste material.

This experiance and knowledge has given us the possibility to make desirable machines for crushing and waste separation. Fuel preparation has been IQR’s main focus for many years which has made us to one of the leading specialist.