We help you choose, or design a plant

Fuel preparation from waste is and have always been the strength of IQR. Today we are one of the leading specialists in WTE (Waste to Energy) and other Waste Processing & Recycling.

There are mainly two types of waste processing mills – slow speed and high speed. IQR provide both types – be it in stationary or mobile configuration. Used in combination or alone, higher price or lower price – it is all up to what you plan on doing. However, if you want the best of high volume waste processing plants you choose to combine the two. What decides the plant set-up is the type and quantity of your waste material. Also, it is important to know if you need to cut, shred or crush? – We help you to choose or we design a plant that does what is needed. It depends, on you and what your business requires.

Our machines are not the cheapest to buy but they are the cheapest to run on waste wood and industrial waste materials. This is because we build heavy duty machines which our customers have the waste volumes to justify.

Not only do we bring costs down – we enable a higher residual. 

What questions do you need to ask yourself?

Before a crusher-system is purchased you need to ask yourself a number of seemingly basic questions:

  • What is in need of size reduction?
    • Does it contain a lot of metals?
    • What type of metals?
  • What is the purpose of the endproduct(s)?
    • Incineration?
    • Material recycling?
    • Other?
  • Do you want to separate something else from the waste?
    • Plastics, paper, stone?
  • Output size/quality?
    • Do you want different sizes out?
    • What materialsize is your main product?
    • Do you need to reduce ash-content or other characteristic of the output material?
  • What quantities do you have per year of this waste material?
  • How many hours of effective processing do I have per year?

Avoid mistakes already done by others

Our solutions is much about helping our clients avoid the mistakes we did ourselves in the past. Due to this we are sometimes caught in a dilemma when the client doesn’t want to pay extra for what he thinks is “overkill”.  Many are we who sometimes has used the wrong machine for the wrong application.

Choose the right equipment

We build robust machines mainly for the energy recycling market (WTE). Our customers are mainly producers of waste-fuel or boilers using waste produced with our machines as fuel. Other customers use our machines to enable easier material recycling in the process of making new products from waste materials.

Often it boils down to doing the job as quickly as possible but maintaining quality both in machinery and product. Our own experience in fuel preparation from waste materials makes it possible to avoid many of the more common mistakes when choosing the system for fragmentation of waste. We constantly view and develop new ways to prepare waste as cost efficiently as possible. In this case, cost efficiency and environment are closely interlinked. Low production costs is everything to do a good job, year in year out.