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Machines for recycling

IQR provides service, maintenance, and machinery for the waste recycling industry. Our products help you efficiently carry out your waste recycling. Crushing and magnetic separation, screening, and separation of non-magnetic metals are our areas of expertise.

Mobile crushers

Mobile crushers made in Sweden

IQR’s mobile crushers with hammer mills are developed based on our customers’ needs and are known for their outstanding performance, productivity and power. The mobile crushers are also designed for long durability and have the lowest operating costs in the market, guaranteeing a great return on your investment


IQR’s FH1500 mobile crusher offers the best of both worlds: The performance and capacity of a large hammer mill and a compact size for road transportation.

FH1800 Crawler

The larger FlexHammer FH1800™ Crawler is the most powerful mobile crusher on the market and has greater power and capacity than the FH1500™. FH1800 Crawler is only available with tracks.

Stationary crushers

Stationary Plant from IQR

IQR manufactures powerful electric-driven stationary crushing plants for all types of material in fuel crushing, regardless of the desired fraction.

Our customers handle large quantities of household waste, industrial waste, recycled wood, sleepers, telephone poles, and debris. Other types of waste are also handled, where metal separation, screening, or other treatments are included as a step in the customer’s process.

FH1500 och FH1800 – Stationary Assembly

Our stationary plants are exclusively built with our FlexHammer™ 1500 or FlexHammer™ 1800 with an electric motor, usually 400 kW, and in some applications can be preceded by a two-shaft shredder from SID.

When choosing a stationary FlexHammer™ plant, you have a large inflow of material to your processing facility. Electric power is more environmentally friendly compared to a diesel engine, and maintenance of the electric motor is simpler.

One advantage of stationary plants is the absence of space limitations, which simplifies cleaning, maintenance, and servicing. By connecting the machine to the internet, the possibilities for monitoring and remote service are also expanded. A plant from IQR keeps you updated daily with the information you need.