Well known for it’s unbeaten capacity and flexibility.

  • Mobile crusher with outstanding performance and over 35 years of built-in experience.
  • The FlexHammer™ system presents great flexibility regarding variation in feed materials.
  • Multi purpose heavy duty hammermill
  • Swedish quality.

Finished products:

Are being used as fuel for energy production or for compost or just for volume reduction.

Particle size of finished products:

The hammermill’s design allows for a large variety of the finished products’ particle size. Typical finished products are e.g. between 0–50 mm and 0–500 mm.


The hammermill has a mechanical safety device in form of a reject door which opens in case of pressure from uncrushable objects. Stones will be crushed.

IQR Rejektlucka

This is a safety device which prtects the mill from damage and stoppages if any uncrushable material is fed in by mistake.

Data FH1800 Crawler

Total weight:~52,5 tonnes
Dimensions transport L/W/H:13,3 / 3,6 / 3,77 m
Fuel capacity:1900 litres
Feed opening dimensions, width:1,8 m
Feeder, Apron Feeder size. Size:
5,20/1,80 m
Rotor weight/with Hammers and
5230 kg
Rotor width:1,80 m
Rotor diameter / tip to tip:1200 mm
Rotor shaft diameter:295 mm
Engine:C32 CAT, V12
Engine power:1200hp
Hydraulic capacity:800 litres
Magnet type:Electro
Discharge belt width:1,6 m
Total weight:116.000 lbs
Dimensions transport L/W/H:43’ 8” / 11’ 9” / 12’ 4”
Fuel capacity:500 gallon
Feed opening dimensions, width:70”
Feeder, Apron Feeder size. Size:
Rotor weight/with Hammers and
11500 lbs
Rotor width:70”
Rotor diameter / tip to tip:47″
Rotor shaft diameter:11,6”
Engine:C32 CAT, V12
Hydraulic capacity:210 gallons
Magnet type:Electro
Discharge belt width:63″

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