SDM windshifter

Nihots new SDM windshifter is a self-propelled mobile windshifter built on caterpillar tracks, a configuration that expands the versatility of a mobile windshifter when processing various waste types in different places. We have developed this unique SDM windshifter to meet our customer’s needs: Premium heavy/light separation combined with mobility comfort.

The most reliable and versatile heavy/light separator

The SDM windshifter is now available on tracks allowing customers the opportunity to choose the configuration which best suits their application and environment. Usable for all kinds of solid waste up to 200 mm such as: Commercial and Industrial waste (C&I), Commercial & Demolition waste (C&D), Municipal Solid waste (MSW), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR), compost, and more.

Principle separating process

The picture below shows the operating principle of the SDi, a windshifter similar to the SDM. The two-way fraction is created with an air separation point and a splitter drum, at which the heavy material is separated from the light material.

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